Life’s First Naturals: Professional Strength Colostrum for digestive health, immune support, sports nutrition, and skin health.

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PanTheryx Pro was born in Phoenix, Arizona with a mission to help people nurture themselves and those they care about the way nature intended. As part of our commitment to helping our customers nurture themselves and those they care about, we work with a range of scientific, clinical, and nutrition experts to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, efficacy, and safety.

Bovine Colostrum for Human Health

Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Colostrum works with the body to maintain and support intestinal integrity levels through dual action: Immunoglobulins that help address foreign invaders, and growth factors that help repair intestinal lining and maintain gut integrity.

Immune Support

Immune Support

Immunoglobulins, immune modulators, and oligosaccharides work together to support not only the immune system, but have also been shown to support respiratory health in adults and children.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Bovine colostrum contains several bioactives that help support increased muscle mass, improve recovery from exercise, increase peak anaerobic power, and boost the immune system during athletic training.

Skin Health

Skin Health

Abundant in immune and growth factors as well as other important bioactives, colostrum is an emerging approach for topical and oral skin health.

Hear What Our Customers Think

  • Amazing science behind the product

    There is some amazing science behind Life’s First Naturals colostrum powder. I’m hyper-vigilant with my health so I’ve introduced this into my daily routine to make sure my digestive and immune systems are strong. -John S., California

  • Keeps kids healthy

    My child has been Life’s First Naturals colostrum and it has really helped her stay healthy and avoid getting sick from being around other kids at school. I’m impressed at the way this colostrum helps support a child’s immune system, so I’ve been recommending it to other mom friends. -Kristy P., Ohio

  • Can’t say enough good things about this colostrum

    After about a week of taking Life’s First Naturals colostrum, I started noticing a general improvement in my overall digestive issues. After a while, you forget you ever had issues. It gets rid of a lot of products that I used for irregularity and it’s natural and really works. The product helps your immune system…

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